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MSPO fuarı esnasında ROKETSAN Polonya'nın uzun menzilli füze programına teklif vermiş.

--- Alıntı ---MSPO 2013: Mesko, Lockheed Martin sign the agreement for Polish MRL programme

Lockheed Martin has signed an agreement with Polish company Mesko (part of Poland Defence Holdings) for developing surface-to-surface long-range missiles for the future Polish WR-300 Multiple Rocket Launcher (MRL).
In 2010 a Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) led consortium won a contract for development of a MRL system with range up to 300 km, known as 'Homar' ('Lobster'). The new wheeled WR-300 launcher would be supplement of the existing HSW WR-40 Langusta MRL, which has 40 km range.
Mesko is responsible for development of the rocket systems for the Homar MRL. "The areas we want to specialise are rocket warheads and engines," the president of Mesko, Waldemar Skowron, told IHS Jane's . "We are convinced that Lockheed Martin is best choice from our side in the area of the manufacturing and missile technology," he said, adding: "The agreement with Lockheed Martin is far more than the letter of intent, but not a full business contract yet."
Three foreign rocket manufacturers have been competing for the Polish Land Forces requirements: Israeli Military Industries with 306 mm Extra and 610 mm LORA rockets; Turkish Roketsan with 300 mm T-300 and 600 mm J-600T missiles; and Lockheed Martin with 227 mm Guided MLRS Unitary Rocket and 610 mm Army Tactical Missile System.
The WR-300 Homar launcher is planned to be based at the Jelcz 882 8x8 truck chassis. The same chassis will be used as a platform for the wheeled Kryl (Krill) 155 mm self-propelled artillery (SPA) system. The Kryl SPA will be equipped with an Elbit 155 mm gun howizter from the Soltam ATMOS system, with Polish fire control and C2I systems.
Mesko has previous ties with Lockheed Martin, with the company a beneficiary of the offset arrangements for Poland's Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter aircraft, via co-operation with Nammo. Within this agreement, Nammo and Mesko received financial support from Lockheed Martin for their co-operation on several ammunition projects for the Polish Armed Forces.
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