Gönderen Konu: Talios Çok Fonksiyonlu Hedefleme Podu  (Okunma sayısı 279 defa)

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Talios Çok Fonksiyonlu Hedefleme Podu
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Targeting to NTISR, Air to Surface and Air to Air

• Compatible with laser guided weapons, INS/GPS
guided missiles and imagery-guided weapons
• Attacks in autonomous or cooperative mode, using
integrated laser spot tracker and laser marker
• Long range damage assessment capability
• Target recognition capability
• Positive identification in complex environment
• 3D localization
• Integrated navigation FLIR
• Real-time data-link transmission

• Medium range day/night small targets reconnaissance
• Day/night visual airborne target identification
• A complete new modular design based on new techno-
logies to allow implementation of additional features during
the life cycle
• HD sensors (IR and TV including Color) with outstanding
long range capabilities to strike from Close Air Support
to stand off distances
• Powerful laser provides the aircraft with both stand-off
range and tactical capacity
• Robust new generation tracking systems
• Continuous Situation Awareness through Permanent
VisionTM concept ; Pod image embedded in synthetic
terrain with intuitive interface (flags, Picture in Picture,
lethal and risk area indicator, enhanced symbology…)
• On-line status and repair maintenance mode

Open architecture and a high level of functional integration.
All features embedded within the pod, no specific functions
needed in the aircraft
IR Imagery
• Continuous electronic zoom 4.8° to 0.12°
• Spectral band: 3-5µm
• Field of View:
- Very Wide FoV 24° x 18°
- Wide FoV 4.8° x 3.6° & Narrow FoV 1° x 0.75°

TV Imagery
• Continuous electronic zoom 7.0° to 0.06° (with PiP)
• Spectral band:
- 0.35 to 0.7µm & 0.7 to 0.9µm
- Field of View: from 0.77° x 0.58° to 7° x 5.5°

Laser range-finding
• Wavelength: 1.5µm
• Eye-safe

Laser designation
• Wavelength: 1.06µm
• STANAG 3733

Laser spot tracker
• Wavelength: 1.06µm

Laser marker
• Wavelength: 0.8µm

Recording/in fligt replay
• Multi-channel HD digital recorder
• ARINC-818 Digital Video Output

Videodaki animasyonda Sukhoi ve MIG'lere entegre edilebilecek şekilde gösterilmiş


Kaynak: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/defence/what-we-do-air-forces-air-forces-optronics/talios